Peachtree Audio decco125 SKY

Peachtree Audio

The Peachtree SKY Wireless Ecosystem*

iPhone*ecosystem - a system or group of interconnected elements. The decco125 SKYis the first in a series of Peachtree products focusing on music streaming and room to room control. Peachtree's SKY ecosystem can even create its own wireless network for direct play from your phone. SKYwill provide room to room streaming and control of future Peachtree SKYproducts.

120 watts per channel of power - with the features you want!

The decco125 SKY is powerful - 120 watts per channel of power. PLUS - as with all Peachtree integrated amps - it's versatile, with an on-board DAC for your computer, CD player, TV or other digital devices. The phono section and auxiliary inputs have separate power supplies and full analog circuitry. And the headphone amp will take your 'phones to the next level.

"SKY" is Peachtree's new wireless ecosystem - allowing direct streaming from TIDAL, Spotify and your other favorite streaming services. Peachtree's SKY Direct mode even lets you play music right from your phone when no WiFi is available.

The inputs you want - for the way you listen!

Built-in DAC and phono section. Connections for your turntable, TV, music server or CD player. Separate bass and treble controls on the remote.


Just add speakers. Peachtree's decco125 SKY does the rest!



  • Download the proven user-friendly Muzo app to control your Peachtree SKY system. 

    1. Dimension: 9.84” W x 3.5” H x 14.29” D

    2. Weight: 4.8kg

    1. 3 years