BMB Karaoke CSH Advance Package


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NKN-300 Wired Karaoke Mic Spec Sheet

CSH-200 (8″ 3 ways/3 speakers 300W Karaoke Speaker)

The BMB CSH-200 Vocal Karaoke Speakers consists of a 3-Way, 3-Speaker system in each speaker cabinet. This speaker system will deliver your bass using two 8″ woofers, your mids using two 3″ squawkers, and your high frequencies will be handled with two 3″ tweeters. The speaker cones themselves are utilize BMB’s special paper cones that are made in Japan. These cones, with their special materials and construction, are what ultimately deliver BMB’s premium sound when paired with the BMB DAH-100 karaoke amplifier.

CSH-200W (8″ 300w Subwoofer Stand)

The BMB CSH-W200 Subwoofer is built to bring excellent bass to your sound system. Get the best sound when paired with the DAH-100 or BMB DAS Series karaoke amplifier & BMB speaker system. The added bass will significantly enhances your listening and performing experience!

DAH-100 (100w x 2 channel Bluetooth Karaoke Amplifier)

The BMB DAH-100 High Performance Digital Karaoke Amplifier designed in Japan to bring premium BMB sound quality into your living room. All the essential mixing functions such as low, mids, and high adjustments are available for microphone, echo, music and master volume controls. Individual volume control for two microphones with gain adjustment, echo delay and repeat, and master balance controls are available for fine tuning.

Bluetooth lets you connect your smartphone or tablets and play your music with excellent stereo sound. The DAH-100 is a 2-channel amplifier 100W per channel which fills your party with 200W of solid power. This is perfectly paired with the BMB CSH-200 Vocal Karaoke Speakers (optional). An RCA subwoofer output is built in so you can send the correct fine tuned audio signal to the BMB CSH-W200 8″ Subwoofer (optional).

This amplifier features seamless AC input voltage from 100V to 240V making it compatible worldwide. The new switching power supply technology reduces weight significantly making installation or moving to other locations easy.


CSH-200 (8″ 3 ways 3 Speaker 300w)


3-Way, 3-Speaker

8″ (20cm) Paper Cone Type x 1
Squawker 3″ (8cm) Paper Cone Type x 1
Tweeter 3″ (8cm) Paper Cone Type x 1
Max Input Power 300W
Rating Input Power 150W
Dimensions 10.63″ x 18.31″ x 10.43″,

270mm x 465mm x 265mm

Weight 16.1lbs, 7.3kg per piece

CSH-200W (8″ 300w Subwoofer Stand)


1-Way, 1-Speaker (Woofer Only)

8″ (20cm) Paper Cone with Dual Voice Coil
1 Subwoofer Unit and 1 Stand included
Max Input Power 300W + 300W
Rating Input Power 150W + 150W
Dimensions 11.42″ x 20.75″ x 10″,

290mm x 527mm x 254mm

Weight 18.3lbs, 8.3kg (Stand with Subwoofer) / 15.2lbs, 6.9kg (Stand)

DAH-100 (100w x 2ch Bluetooth Amplifier)

Max Output Power

100W x 2CH (4-8Ω, EIAJ)

Audio Input
 3 Systems (AUX1, AUX2, Bluetooth)
Mic Input 2 Systems
Echo 2 Modes (Stereo, Mono)
Equalizer  3 Bands (Master, Music, Mic, Echo)
Bluetooth Ver4.0, Supports A2DP
AC Input AC100V ~ 240V (50/60 Hz)
Dimensions 16.54″ x 6.65″ x 13.43″,

420mm x 169mm x 341mm

Weight 10.8lbs, 4.9kg

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