Screen Innovations Solo Pro 2 Motorized Screen

ultimate enjoyment exclusively from motorized projection screen

Meet Solo Pro 2 motorized projection screen

Why limit your projection screen size when you have Solo Pro 2. Watch a 160" projection screen unfolds before your eyes as you take your entertainment level to the next level.

3 ways to power up your Solo Pro 2 motorized projection screen

Choose how you want to charge your Solo Pro 2: magnetic rechargeable, 24v low-voltage, and AC power.

Style your Solo Pro 2 in your favorite color

White | Warm white | Dark gray | Char brown | Taupe | Black | Teal | Slate blue I Clear anodized | Ferrari red | Blue | Orange

Technical specifications

Standard sizes only up to 160″ (4064 mm)

Aspect ratios
16:9 I 16:10

Screen materials
Slate I Slate AT I Short Throw I Pure White I Pure Gray

Price Range

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Quality assurance with two years warranty

Enjoy total peace of mind when you purchase this projection screen by Screen Innovations. Each projection screen is built to last longer than any flat-panel TV.