Screen Innovations 5 Motorized Projection Screen I Moovee Space

Screen Innovations 5 Motorized Projection Screen

the best motorized screen money could buy

Screen Innovations 5 Motorized Projection Screen I Moovee Space

It's time to do away with washed out image

Tired of watching washed out image when the lights are turned on? 5 Series motorized projection screen offers superb contrast level, by rejecting 65% of ambient lights.

Now you can have the lights on when watching your favorite sports, movies, playing video games, and more.

Would you go for external or flush case?

Choose either an external or flush mount case when you purchase a 5 Series motorized projection screen for your home cinema.

The external case is mounted onto the wall, revealing a classy & contemporary white or black case.

The flush case is discreetly hidden away from your sight when your screen is kept in the ceiling recessed white case.

Black or white case option for external mount

Whether your projector comes in black or white, you have the option to choose either a black or white external case for the perfect match.

This option is only available for 5 Series motorized projection screen.

Precision cut tabs

Instead of adhering tabs onto the screen surface which can tear or break free over time, Screen Innovations precision cut the tabs into the material on computer-driven fabric tables which creates an adhesive free tensioning system and greatly reduces the possibility for repeating marks.

Technical specifications

Max: 16’ x 10’ (4876.8mm x 3048mm)

Aspect ratios
16:9 I 16:10 I 2.35:1 I 2.40:1

Screen materials
Slate I Slate AT I Pure White I Pure Gray I Maestro

Price range

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Quality assurance with two years warranty

Enjoy total peace of mind when you purchase this projection screen by Screen Innovations. Each projection screen is built to last longer than any flat-panel TV.