RBH Sound VA-414 In-Wall LCR Speaker I Moovee Space

VA-414 In-Wall LCR Speaker

A great dual 4-inch in-wall speaker for budget home theaters and listening rooms, the VA-414’s slim design allows for horizontal installation between 16-inch on-center wall framing. The two polygraphite cone 4-inch woofers and 1-inch silk dome swivel tweeter provide faithful and articulate sonic reproduction. The VA-414 is also video shielded, allowing it to work as an in-wall center channel next to nearly any television or monitor without causing magnetic interference

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RBH Sound VA-610 In-Wall Speaker I Moovee Space

VA-610 In-Wall Speaker

The VA-610 in-wall speaker represents the most versatile choice for practically any application, from an in-wall home theater to a high quality listening room. The excellent sound quality derived from the precise integration of the 6½-inch graphite woofer and 1-inch silk dome tweeter provides delightful listening in any room. The VA-610 also features a tweeter sound contour switch which allows the tweeter output level to be customized for any room.

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RBH Sound VA-615 In-Ceiling Speaker I Moovee Space

VA-615 In-Ceiling Speaker

The VA-615 brings together the proven sound quality and value of its sibling, the A-615, and the new, modern Visage design. Featuring a 6½-inch polygraphite woofer, a 1-inch silk dome swivel tweeter, and dual sound contour switches, the VA-615 in-ceiling speaker is sure to provide fantastic full-range performance in any room.

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RBH Sound VM-610 In-Wall Speaker I Moovee Space

VM-610 In-Wall Speaker

The VM-610 is the original 6½-inch aluminum cone in-wall speaker. The use of a 6½-inch aluminum cone woofer allows this speaker to have incredible bass response, while the 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter complements the woofer with tonal accuracy. The VM-610 in-wall speaker allows the listener to experience sound as it was meant to be heard, without colorations or distortion.

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RBH Sound VM-616 In-Wall LCR Speaker I Moovee Space

VM-616 In-Wall LCR Speaker

The VM-616, with its dual 6½-inch aluminum cone woofers and 1-inch aluminum dome swivel tweeter, has high power handling capacity and features quick transient response for high definition in low bass frequencies. Because of its D’Appolito (woofer/tweeter/woofer) design, it can be used for all channels of a complete home theater system.

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RBH Sound VM-615 In-Ceiling Speaker I Moovee Space

VM-615 In-Ceiling Speaker

The VM-615 takes its accomplishments to the next level with its aluminum 6½-inch woofer and 1-inch aluminum dome swivel tweeter. These high-grade aluminum components allow for the most detailed, full-range sound. The VM-615 in-ceiling speaker is the ultimate performer, whether used as part of a home theater or whole-house audio system.

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