RBH Sound Signature SV Reference Series

Dolby Atmos Home Cinema System

RBH Sound SV-6500R Tower Speaker

The SV-6500R tower speaker is the reference upgrade to the SV-6500. Three 6½-inch aluminum cone subwoofers, two 6½-inch reference aluminum cone woofers and an AMT tweeter work together to deliver first class detail and accuracy.

The SV-6500R has the capability of accurately reproducing the loudest explosions as well as the softest whispers, making it the perfect tower speaker for high fidelity music and home theater systems. To optimize its performance, the SV-6500R can be bi-wired or bi-amplified via the high quality, dual 5-way binding posts.

RBH Sound SV-61R Bookshelf Speaker

The SV-61R provides an abundance of full, precise, room-filling sound with its 6½-inch reference aluminum cone woofer and a AMT tweeter.

Ideal for bookshelves or wherever traditional, floorstanding speakers just aren’t practical; the SV-61R is equally adept for audiophile music systems as well as multi-channel home theater installations.

RBH Sound SV-661R Left/Right Main Speaker

The reference version of its sibling, the SV‑661, the SV‑661R can be used for high fidelity 2-channel stereo systems and home theater systems alike. As a stereo pair, the SV-661R is sure to please listeners with a musical experience as the recording artist originally intended.

For home theater, the SV‑661R’s dual 6½‑inch reference aluminum cone woofers and a AMT tweeter deliver crystal-clear dialog and vibrant sound effects with superb clarity and acoustic performance. The SV‑661R is versatile enough that it can be used for nearly any main or effect channel in a multi-channel surround sound system.

RBH Sound SV-12PR Powered Subwoofer

The reference version of the SV-12P, the SV-12PR employs a long-throw 12-inch reference aluminum cone subwoofer and a 500 Watt integrated amplifier built for all-out performance.

The glossy cabinet is not only beautiful, it also provides the optimum environment for the subwoofer driver, allowing the SV-12PR to output plenty of clear, powerful, deep bass to any audio or home theater system.

RBH Sound VM-615 In-Ceiling Speaker

The acclaimed MC-615 with the inconspicuous Visage design, the VM-615 takes its accomplishments to the next level with its aluminum 6½-inch woofer and 1-inch aluminum dome swivel tweeter. These high-grade aluminum components allow for the most detailed, full-range sound. The VM-615, in true MC Series fashion, is voice matched to the other MC Series in-wall and freestanding models, making it the most flexible and popular model in the Visage Series.

The VM-615 in-ceiling speaker is the ultimate performer, whether used as part of a home theater or whole-house audio system. The 1-inch tweeter also swivels to allow an even more accurate audio presentation.

RBH Sound Signature SI-615 In-Ceiling Speaker

When only the absolute finest performance will do, look to the Signature Series SI-615 in-ceiling speaker. Featuring a 6-1/2” aluminum cone woofer and a ¾-inch pivoting ring-radiator tweeter, the SI-615 delivers award-winning performance that is on par with other Signature Series models.

The SI-615 is primarily designed to be used as in-ceiling channels for object-based surround systems, but is also equally adept when used in a pair for high-end stereo listening or other whole-house audio applications. 

Simply Stunning in Rosewood Finish!

Signature SV Reference Series Bookshelf Speaker, Tower Speaker, LCR Speaker and Subwoofer are also Available in  High-gloss South American Rosewood finish.

An Award-Winning Speaker Brand

RBH Sound, founded in 1976, is a manufacturer of high performance audio products for residential and commercial applications. RBH Sound provided speakers to some well known manufacturers in the residential and commercial market, these included McIntosh, Fosgate, Parasound and JBL.

RBH Sound’s goal is to produce the finest products in each category we manufacture. Sonic and build quality are paramount at RBH Sound.


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