RBH Sound SI-663R In-Wall/LCR Speaker I Moovee Space

SI-663R In-Wall/LCR Speaker

The reference version of the SI-663, the SI-663R is designed for demanding custom installations where a center channel cannot be used or is intentionally removed for design considerations. When wired for dual channel operation, a pair of the SI-663R reference in-wall speakers can provide a discrete and dedicated center channel from the left and right speakers. When three SI-663/Rs can be used, the trio wired in singlechannel configuration, can provide a seamless, reference level front sound stage from their covert in-wall locations.

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RBH Sound SI-760R In-Wall LCR Speaker I Moovee Space

SI-760R In-Wall LCR Speaker

Considered to be one of RBH’s most versatile in-wall speakers, the SI-760R can be used horizontally or vertically for custom home theater systems or listening rooms. As the reference version of the SI-760, the SI-760R performs as main, center or surround speakers in a surround sound system. The SI-760R can also be teamed up with other Signature Reference Series models to create a custom timbre-matched home theater system.

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RBH Sound SI-615 In-Ceiling Speaker I Moovee Space

SI-615 In-Ceiling Speaker

When only the absolute finest performance will do, look to the Signature Series SI-615 in-ceiling speaker. Featuring a 6-1/2” aluminum cone woofer and a ¾-inch pivoting ring-radiator tweeter, the SI-615 delivers award-winning performance that is on par with other Signature Series models. The SI-615 is primarily designed to be used as in-ceiling channels for object-based surround systems, but is also equally adept when used in a pair for high-end stereo listening or other whole-house audio applications. Accessories for this product may be found in the list below or check out the accessories page for all of our speaker accessories.

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RBH Sound SV-1212P Powered Subwoofer I Moovee Space

SV-1212P Powered Subwoofer

The powered version of its sibling, the SV-1212P incorporates dual 12-inch aluminum cone subwoofers and a 500 Watt integrated amplifier housed in a highly attractive, well-braced cabinet for thunderous bass that is not only plentiful but accurate. Perfect for larger home theater and music systems, the SV-1212P commands respect due to its clarity and high output capabilities.

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SI-831R Built-In LCR Speaker

Combining the award-winning performance of its SV-831R sibling with the visual benefits of custom integration, the SI-831R is specifically designed to be discreetly placed behind acoustically transparent screens. The SV-831R employs three 8-inch aluminum cone woofers and an AMT aero-striction tweeter, and is capable of handling copious amounts of power. The SI-831R can deliver paramount fidelity and performance for even the largest home theater or listening room.

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