Product Warranty I Moovee Space

Warranty statement for Moovee Space's house brands (Amphion Loudspeakers, Peachtree Audio, RBH Sound & Screen Innovations)

  1. Your new Moovee Space product is warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a specified period, subject to the limitations contained in this warranty.
  1. For warranty or out-of-warranty service, in the first instance please contact us, and provide a copy of the original sales receipt.
  1. The unit is to be sent prepaid in the original carton and packing along with a detailed description of the problem to Moovee Space. The customer shall collect the repaired unit at Moovee Space outlet upon completion of the service.
  1. If at any time your Moovee Space product malfunctions as a result of faulty materials or workmanship, we will repair the defect(s) or replace the unit, as deemed appropriate in our sole discretion.
  1. Moovee Space reserves the right to use materials regularly utilized at the time of repair in the event that original materials are no longer available. If replacement of your product is deemed appropriate by our staff, we will replace it with one of the same or most similar style of a value not in excess of the original purchase price of your product.
  1. For proper unpacking, installation, positioning, and maintenance instructions, please first check the manual thoroughly.
  1. Warranty product shall not be performed without an authorized RMA released by Moovee Space.

Warranty is subjected to the following limitations
This warranty does not cover, and warranty is rendered void if:

  1. Any products that has been altered or modified in any way or upon which  the serial number has been tampered with or altered.
  1. Any unit that has been damaged due to misuse, negligence, accident or improper operation, and/ or electrical power surge.
  1. Shipping damages of any kind.
  1. Any unit that has been subjected to extremes of humidity or temperature.
  1. Any unit that has been purchased from an unauthorized dealer, or upon
    which unauthorized repair or service has been performed.
  2. For system warranty, and product(s) used in for system setup, system setup and calibration is carried out by an unauthorized dealer or installer.

Warranty transferability statement for Moovee Space's house brands (Amphion Loudspeakers, Peachtree Audio, RBH Sound & Screen Innovations)
The above warranties are transferable to subsequent owners as long as all the conditions are met. The warranty is not transferable if the unit(s) was originally purchased from an unauthorized seller.

Warranty period for each product brand sold at Moovee Space Outlet:
House brands

Amphion Loudspeakers - 5 years
Peachtree Audio - 2 years
RBH Sound - 5 years
Screen Innovations - 2 years

Non house brands
Audio Engine - 1 year
BMB Karaoke - 1 year
Denon - 1 year
Egreat - 1 year
Epson Projector - 3 years
JVC Projector - 2 years
Marantz - 1 year
Optoma Projector - 1 year
Sennheiser - 1 year