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Amphion Helium520 Floorstanding Loudspeaker I Moovee Space

Amphion Helium520 Floorstanding Loudspeaker

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Amphion Helium520 Floorstanding Loudspeaker Package Deals I Moovee Space

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Ready to build your Hi-Fi System with Helium520 Tower Speakers?

Customize your speakers with the speaker design and color grid of your choice. This is simply amazing!

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Amphion Helium520 Floorstanding Loudspeaker I Standard White Design I Moovee Space

Truly exceptional speakers for optimal sound enjoyment

If you are looking for an immersive musical experience in the home without outlaying a small fortune, then the Helium520 floorstanding loudspeakers are your answer. Providing an open and natural sound with a hint of warmth, Helium520 ‘floorstanders’ are the optimum price/quality solution for any home environment. Helium520 speakers are known for their honest but still forgiving sound, revealing fine details and still handling less-than-perfect source material.

Employing Uniformly Directive Diffusion (U|D|D) technology, Helium520 loudspeakers, deliver a wide and even sound dispersion. In this way, all sonic anomalies caused by walls, floor, and ceiling reflections are minimized, allowing you to hear less of your room and more of your favourite music.

Amphion Helium520 Floorstanding Loudspeaker I Speaker Variations I Moovee Space

Speaker variations

- Full white

- Standard white

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Amphion Helium520 Floorstanding Loudspeaker I Speaker Variations I Moovee Space

Speaker variations

- Black

- White with black grids

Amphion Helium520 Floorstanding Loudspeaker I Wood Veneers I Moovee Space

Wood veneers

Also available in premium walnut speaker enclosure.

Amphion Helium520C Center Loudspeaker I Speaker Grid Options I Moovee Space

Colour grid options

Stone grey I Traffic red I Heather violet I Turquoise blue I Sky blue
Yellow green I Sulfur yellow I Beige brown

Twenty years of expertise and dedication

Amphion Loudspeakers Ltd. was established in 1998. Amphion designs and builds loudspeakers that are characterised by honest and accurate sound reproduction. Precise driver integration ensures world-class imaging and phase coherency. Controlled dispersion technology helps achieve more stable results in a variety of room acoustics.

All products are handmade in Finland (and the Amphion amplifiers are assembled in Finland) to ensure enduring listening quality.

Moovee Space is the appointed Malaysian distributor for Amphion Loudspeakers.

amphion Helium520 Floorstanding Loudspeakers