Amphion Helium410 Desktop Speaker


“It’s a gas.”

“…if you have less room and are looking for a speaker that will work in confined spaces and still provide a satisfying listen at lower volume levels, then the 410 makes a great deal more sense. This is a well-built and exactingly thought out speaker, that has much to recommend it.”

“Amphion turns down the volume, turns up the emotion.”

“…Even at this low volume, or perhaps because of this low volume, the music is involving and soothing. …The sound has an impressive impact with immediacy and warmth.”



“This is the answer!”

“A computer speaker system has to cope with a vast range of sounds with no guarantees of audio quality, all the while being well integrated enough to work within arm´s reach of the listener. This is a harsh environment for good sound but the Amphion/Nuforce hook-up passes muster brilliantly. Best of all though, it achieves that goal with a smile on its face, and the sense of fun is infectious. Fun enough in fact that it might cause some big-league head-scratching when you return to your mode highfalutin but, not as ultimately entertaining hi-fi system.”

Alan Sircom, issue 81 (7/2011)

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